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DeVal Johnson


DeVal started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 13.  At the age of 14, he taught himself how to play piano.  DeVal began playing professionally at the age of 16, performing all over the Phoenix, AZ area. At 21, be began working as a studio musician/songwriter for various recording studios and artists in the Phoenix area.  While working for a local musical theatre company, he was a director, conductor, scorer, script writer, actor and dancer.  He studied musical dance theatre at MCC and ASU and wrote, produced, directed and starred in a musical play that was performed both national and internationally.  He has performed at various song festivals and has won several awards for national and international song competitions.  He also has had a top ten music hit song in Chile.

When DeVal married and started a family, he switched professions and was very successful as an Internet entrepreneur, focusing on Internet Design and Marketing.

In 2009, DeVal made the decision to dedicate his time more fully to being an entertainer.  In February 2009, he enrolled in an acting bootcamp and is currently in Los Angeles working to be a professional actor.

DeVal will continue to record and perform music as he is able.  In his spare time, he mentors young artists in performance and recording arts. 

Over the years DeVal has learned how to play various instruments and recently became a drummer! You can fnd is music on iTunes or  He will always hold on to the dream of becoming a rock-n-roll star!

You can find DeVal performing all around the valley. He was recently at Hale Center Theatre in their production of Forever Plaid. He received raved reviews for his performance as Sparky. See Here and Here

DeVal is married to the beautiful Whitney Johnson, owner and creator of Paddywacks Studio and has 7 children.  They have a home in Mesa, AZ

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